• What is the objective behind launching MindFeed App™?

The underlying objective behind launching MindFeed App™ is to empower individuals with a digital self-development platform. Here, they can train, manage & elevate their mental & emotional capabilities by choosing from wide range of on-demand meditations & affirmations, at their convenience. This platform gives an opportunity to an individual to take control of his/her mental state. In today’s competitive & fast paced life, where stress, anxiety, uncertainty & insecurity is commonly experienced in everyday life, it becomes highly essential for an individual to have the right tools to manage mental state, take right action & get the desired result. MindFeed App™ shall serve as that contributing tool.

  • What kind of content can I find in MindFeed App™?

MindFeed App™ consists of hundreds of guided audio meditations & affirmations ranging across categories like, health, work, relationships, mindfulness, students etc. The content duration ranges from approx. 5 minutes to 30+ minutes and can be consumed during commute, work breaks or as per the user’s convenience.

  • What languages are the meditations in?

As of now, we have meditations in English and Hindi.

  • Can I consume content for free, or everything is under paid subscription?

MindFeed App™ is a free downloadable application, available on Android & IOS platforms, which consists of both, free & premium content. Approx. more than 40% of the application is structured to be free & shall always be. Every subcategory has 1 free meditation & all the other potential subcategories that shall be launched on an ongoing basis too shall have free content. Apart from that, there are longer meditations in English & Hindi which are completely FREE. The App is structured in an approx. 60:40 ratio where, 60% of the app content comes under paid subscription, whereas, 40 % shall always be free.

  • Why should I subscribe to the MindFeed App™ monthly or yearly paid plans?

MindFeed App™ is a value for money investment. Ups & downs are a part of our life & especially during the times of emotional crises, its highly essential for us to bounce back as soon as possible. Subscribing to the MindFeed App™ packs will ensure an emotional support that shall be available on demand. Monthly pack can be subscribed to try out the content, (if you wish to) post which you can upgrade to the yearly subscription.

  • Is it worth subscribing? Do I get value for money?

Yes, it is worth subscribing to the MindFeed App™ packs, as the app offers a wide range of products & shall keep on adding fresh content every month, which will ensure an ever-increasing pool of ‘on demand’ self-help content. The vision of the founders is to empower users with high quality contributing content on regular basis which can prove to be a game changing experience for every single user.

  • Which subscription plan is an ideal one?

If you have tried the free content available on the app & find it useful, it is advisable to go for the yearly subscription plan. You shall highly benefit in the yearly plan, as you end up saving FLAT 50%!

  • What all do I get in the subscription plan?

The subscription plan includes access to all the content available in the current six categories, namely, health, work, relationships, mindfulness, students & affirmations (library). Any other categories or subcategories added in the future shall also be covered under your ongoing subscription. Any other content, apart from the library section shall not be a part of the subscription & needs to be purchased separately.

  • How can I best experience the MindFeed App™ meditations?

It is highly recommended to use a pair of earphones before initiating the MindFeed App™, this shall ensure better experience. If possible, isolate yourself & choose a quiet corner, so that nothing/no one disturbs you throughout your practice. The content is designed in small & easily consumable chunks, which shall allow you to take frequent quick breaks at your convenience.

  • In who’s voice are the meditations recorded?

The MindFeed App™ meditations are recorded in the voice of the founders, Alok Taunk & Geetanjali Shivanand. Alok is an excellence coach, mindfulness expert & a meditation facilitator, coaching individuals & corporates, whereas Geetanjali is a wholistic nutritionist & a philanthropist.

  • Who should practice MindFeed App™ meditations?

MindFeed App™ meditations shall prove immensely beneficial for working professionals, entrepreneurs, students, home makers, health enthusiasts, as the content is universally developed keeping the daily challenges as a centre point. Despite of the hectic schedule & deadlines, users will be able to consume the strategically chunked audio content.

  • How can I communicate my suggestions, requests, thoughts to the MindFeed App™ team?

Users can share their suggestions, inputs & recommendations in the suggestion box that appears post every meditation completion. Apart from that, users can even write to us at support@mindfeedapp.com & for more information, you can visit www.mindfeedapp.com

  • How often is it recommended to meditate on the MindFeed App™?

Consistency is the key. It is recommended to meditate for just 10 minutes at an interval of every 3 hours. We often take short breaks at regular intervals to stretch & freshen up. Integrating MindFeed App™ meditations in daily routine shall help rewire our emotional muscles, build resilience & make us more mindful.